Burguett burguers




Seville (Spain)


Melon Blanc

Collaboration with
Isabel Gil


The brand

Burguette was born from the idea of creating a restaurant that serves homemade hamburgers with top quality ingredients, in an atmosphere that gets away from the fast food places but still have a young fresh look. A place to enjoy a meal with friends or family and why not a beer or a drink in a modern casual style.



Young & fresh

The interior design and graphic identity was based in this concept using mainly colors like yellow and green as a way to show this young fresh concept, combined with oak wood meaning quality and home tradition, pink and salmon accents gives "welcoming" touch. Simple steel wire chairs are almost "transparent" and makes the space light and diaphanous. This was an important element for the project due to the small size of the place

Graphics, menus cards, typography and others brand identity elements were also designed by MelonBlanc