Shelf system



Ash/Stained Beech




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Ion Kombokis



From Le Corbusier to your home

Modulor is a shelf system inspired by architecture. Proportions and dimensions are based in the Modulor from Le Corbusier. Perfect for having your favorites books, magazines and electronics in a new way. Display your accessories with a sophisticated touch while playful with a minimalistic atmosphere.

Modulor brings an architectural look to your home, thin horizontal lines that contrast with the dense vertical blocks, simple and organic, honest material with a new perspective. No screws make it very simple to mount, shelf boards are connected by cylinders to the blocks and gravity keeps everything in place. Wide boards for your frames, pots and sculptures, long boards for your books and electronics, while the small ones will works as podium for you beloved pieces or lamps.


Function & form

Spacial module

Modulor can be used close to a wall, in a corner or in the middle of the room, pick the modules that you need and create your own shelf, from a very simple to and organic shape. Frames, lamps, candles, vases..All will find an special place at Modulor. Simple, pure, honest and with a new fresh look. Every time you mounted you will have an unexpected construction with innovative functionality.