Side table



Stained ash/oak




Ion Kombokis



Tectonic forces

Terrane is a playful side table that breaks it surfaces as horizontal divider for your daily objects. Place you coffee or books while keeping your portraits and accessories always in place with an innovative and charming sidetable. Tables has been around for thousand of years to keep objects close to our reach while we use them. A book, a plate, a glass, they come and go. At the same time they also function as displayer for home accessories, frames, vases, candles or lamps, they are static. A same surface for diverse use concepts.

Born from th idea of making more habitable our daily life, Terrane break its surface in an innovative way to offer this double functionality. Terrane is inspired by the tectonic forces that creates our landscapes, forming levels with an iconic, beautiful and architectonic shapes that brings a fresh look to the traditional side table.


Function & form

Complement table

Make in solid ash, Terrane family have three different sizes, a little one for your beloved lounge chair, the middle size you want to keep it close to the sofa and the tall one is perfect for the bed with your lamp and clock, while you have space for you books and phone during the night.

Terrane has a combination of soft and sharp, innovation and functionality, that invites to be touch awakening your curiosity. Lovely and fresh colors will bring into life any corner of your home with a touch of sophistication. Iconic, rebel, and joyful with playful simplicity.