House Bok


Österlen (south Sweden)




170 m2




The house

Tall beech trees give this forested site in a rural area in Österlen, south of Sweden, an untouched character. The forest, the light and the site where the starting point for the house. Inspired by the black beetle (Bokblombock) that lives in the beech trees (bok in Swedish), the external character of the house was set, by using folded black metal sheet that reminds the black beetle shell,. Different widths of the sheet integrates the position of the windows, while keeping the project in budget. The roof and outer walls are finished with the same black metal sheet giving a sculptural character to the house and integrates it in the forest.

The house, with 2 pyramidal roofs, one with 2 levels and the other with a double high ceiling, is divided in an open social area, with the high ceiling, and the other half of the house for dormitories and a playroom. The plan is organized around a corridor that connects the privat and social area, and visually the two opposite outsides through the windows. Dormitories are reduced to a minimun while generous social spaces are perfect for a holiday family life. Afternoon sun for the living room and the outside terrace is a key in the Swedish summer while dormitories are facing north to avoid the warm of the day.


The interior

Interior design elements explore the contrasts between materials and colors. Natural wood walls while fixed furniture is covered with dark linoleum surfaces like kitchen and doors contrasting with the wood, marking the different functions. A combination that creates a natural and unexpected atmosphere. Two glazed sliding doors with hardwood frames provide entrances and direct access to the outdoor areas on the natural flat forest floor and terrace from the main room. All construction and finishes are in wood, CLT wood, prefabricated and mounted on the site over the concrete slab. Light spruce finishing for walls and ceiling, beech for the flooring.

The interior is characterized by simplicity and sharp forms, while keeping an interesting flow between the spaces and functions. The austere interior palette serve as a canvas of the outside forest that get into the house through the big openings. Attention to details combined with accents creates a unique interesting yet calm character for a holiday house.