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"We are born to dream, to create, to rebel, to be free. Do not lose your ability of wonder about simple things in life, and follow your heart. Go where your curiosity can take you, feel the Momentum, be driven by passion, honesty and intuition. Always challenge yourself to do something new, explore, and keep the awareness of the beginner"

Hi, I'm Nestor Campos, a spanish architect and designer, based in Scandinavia, who focuses on architecture, interiors and design.

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  • "I am a space sculptor that uses light as raw material. Every space must have it own character, be energetic, inviting to be alive. Hidden places that suggest to go over and keep the user thrilled. Light and materials are used in its own essence, questioning granted uses but inspired by vernacular knowledge. Tradition in a new language with dynamic spaces is my mark."

  • "I am an object forger, objects that create curiosity, a sense of delight, surprise and simplicity. We are the sum of our memories and experiences. I use my memories as inspiration, and intuition as research method. I like my objects have stories to tell, invite people to pick then up, be magnetic. Every object is a result of a desire of freedom, of experimentation, of being a winner. Character, playfulness, duality, geometry, color and honest materials is my trademark."

  • "Landscape and urban spaces are a symbiosis between environment and man. Natural light, weather, people,...are elements in continuos movement, nothing is static. I like to use this particulars as material to work with. Every problem can be a chance in potential.The only limit is the imagination. Nature&Men, color&textures, excitement&interaction."


  • We work with international companies in the field of furniture, lighting and architecture

  • "Vi tillverkar kvalitetsmöbler och designmöbler sedan 1898."

  • " Normann-Copenhaguen is a Danish design company with the mission to create original, bold and eye-catching products in a simple and contemporary design that withstands the test of time "

  • “We are dedicated to create long-lasting original design”

  • " Imagine a creative force led by original ideas, in a place where traditional design seems like a thing of the past "

  • " Lund University seeks to be a world-class university that works to understand, explain and improve our world and the human condition "

  • "At Lund University there are thousands of students with new and exciting ideas. To help these students realize their dreams, there is VentureLab"

  • "A good life depends on rejection of the unnecessary.We believe that simple things are superior. "

  • "Malmö är vårt hem. Malmöfestivalen är vår fest sedan 1985. I princip som vilken hemmafest som helst fast mycket, mycket större. Nordens största faktiskt med ca 1,5 miljoner besök!"

  • "Form/Design Center is a place and a hub for knowledge and inspiration, for comparing experiences and for building networks in form, architecture and design. It is an accessible center for a broad public but also for people who have specific interests in these topics and for people who are associated with the industry."

  • "The Swedish Museums Association works to safeguard and further the communal interests of the museum sector. The Association was founded in December 2004 on the initiative of the joint working council for the central museums, county museums and municipal museums"

  • "Vi är ett växande arkitektkontor som älskar utmaningar, vill göra skillnad, stimulera, beröra, engagera och överraska. Vi värderar lyhördhet och förståelse för beställarens behov högt och anser att konsekventa och enkla resonemang är vinnande."


I am a star-gazer, born in Granada, Andalusia, city of light, wise kings and magic tales. I grew up surrounded by the cheerfulness, verve and duality of the spanish passion. After getting a Master degree in Architecture, I began my first adventure in Germany. In a land where dogs never bark and kids never cry, I learned, working as architect, the satisfaction of a job well done and the art of planning and efficiency.
This restless heart led me, years later to Sweden, where I studied Design. Enchanted by Scandinavia, land of brave sailors, ancients myths and lovely people, I early treasured the love for nature, honest materials, temperance , and simplicity.
These mix of cultures brings layers of surprise, spirituality, secret geometries and aesthetics that you can find in every of my pieces.


- Lund University School of industrial design -
Product design
Glass design.
  • - Wittfoht-architekten office, Stuttgart -
    Shops & Store
    Construction details
    Competitions & Architectural visualisations
    Scale models & Architectural photography.
  • - Granada School of Arts -
    Digital editing
  • - Universita' degli studi Roma Tre, Italy -
    Research on new materials
  • - Escuela Tecnica superior de Arquitectura -
    Urban Planning
    Construction management
    Earthquake structures
    Maths & hidden geometry



  • •2018 Utvalt 2018, Skaena (Sweden) - HOLDME
    •2017 Salone Satellite 20 YEARS, Milan (Italy) - BERGEN/IRIS
    •2017 Salone Satellite, Milan (Italy) - MOLN/AGATHA/HOLDME/MODULOR/TERRANE
    •2016 Salone Satellite, Milan (Italy) - BERGEN/ECLIPSE/IRIS/KEEN-
    •2015 Northmodern, Copenhaguen (Denmark) -
    •2015 Greenhouse Stockholm Furniture & Light fair, Stockholm (Sweden) - TABULA/HARBOUR/ORBITA/HAV
    •2014 Designjunction, London (UK) - TABULA/HARBOUR
    •2014 DMY, Berlin (Germany) - GODIS
    •2014 Form Design Center, Malmö (Sweden) - GODIS/HARBOUR
    •2013 Form Design Center, Malmö (Sweden) - IUNGO
    •2013 DMY, Berlin (Germany) - IUNGO
    •2013 Ventura Lambrate, Milan (Italy) - IUNGO
    •2013 Greenhouse Stockholm Furniture & Light fair, Stockholm (Sweden) - IUNGO.

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